Tuesday, March 19, 2019

BS-CIT Session 97 Take a challenge 49 & BS-CSS Session 98 Take a challenge 17

BS-CIT Session 97 Take a challenge 49 & BS-CSS Session 98 Take a challenge 17

Session 97 TAC 49

BS-CIT (Session End Test)

(1)   Local Area Network (LAN)
(2)   TRUE
(3)    Protocols
(4)    TRUE

Session 98 TAC 17

BS-CSS (Session End Test)

Take a Challenge

1-    He was worried that everyone at work also would tease him for being the older person in the group.
2-    He was highly stressed about being caught for telling a lie.
3-   He felt relieved and felt he need not have created so much stress for himself by lying.
4-    If telling the lie is creating stress in us then it will cause us health problems.
5-    To hide one lie we often are required to tell more lies and also to remember them all so this creates stress.
6- make me isolated from others and more stressed.
7- you know your limits.
8- You will say that it doesn’t matter and it is not the end of things.
9- Tarun was wrong because he failed to balance well his work and his personal life. This balance is very important. Without this balance, stress builds up and makes us pay a heavy cost. He lost the project and his health.
10- Mitesh should deposit the demand drafts first and then go tell his boss of his mistake. Hiding our mistakes creates stress. Also any boss would forgive a mistake but would never forgive or forget anyone hiding a mistake.

Session End Test

1-      I take stress of my problems.
2-      My decisions may land me in a stressful conditions.
3-      Pessimistic attitude
4-      Agree
5-      You will never give away your friends secrets.

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