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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Education system in India | Education System in India Essay

Education system in India

Education system in India

Education system in India : There is a need for long-term change in the format ranging from basic to higher education. There is lot of expectations from the Modi Government to the countrymen. The government has also started the initiative to meet these expectations. In his ten-point agenda, he has also given education prioritization. With 13,00,000+ schools and more than 315 million nominations, India has the world's largest education system. Due to educational reforms from the 80s, pre-school and elementary school in India has been made available to all children.
According to the Right to Education Act 2009, school education is free and compulsory for all children of the age group of 6 to 14 years. Most schools in India pay attention to academics and pay less attention to additional curricular activities. Let us know what are the weaknesses in the education of the country? What changes are needed in the system

Value-based education

Education should not mean just book information. Former IPS Kiran Bedi says, education is of four types, personal, professional, value-based and social. Nowadays, professional education is given in schools. Value-based and social education makes you a good citizen. All four types of education are essential for a perfect citizen. Teachers need to train in such a way that they can make their students social leaders, build their future.

First Meditation on Corruption

Education or any other department, corruption is spread throughout the system. The government should first try to remove the curbs, because the plans are good enough because of this, but the common man is not able to benefit from them. This is also with education. The question is whether a checker should be used that the money went out, whether it was used or not.

Teacher's play is your responsibility

Education system in India : A full-fledged education imposes a dependence on a teacher. We still have a lot of trends and academic oriented teachers. Today there is a lack of dedication in the teachers. It is essential that a system is developed, in which teachers should be given some responsibility. To make the student as an educated citizen, also to make the ability to stand on his own feet, the teacher is responsible for all of these.

Dedication in teachers

There is still a considerable lack of fundamental facilities in government schools. Even today, many girls leave school only because they do not have toilet facilities. Teachers in schools should be such that students understand them as their role models. For improvement in schools, teachers are punctual. Besides, changes in syllables are also required every five years.

Adopts schools

My own belief is that it is not right to just trust the government to improve the worse condition of education in the country. For this, corporate companies and private colleges/universities should take initiative to adopt school in at least one village and take up the expenditure on its operations, reforms, and development itself. Scientist Dr. R. P Singh, living in Frederahan, Canada, is a resident of Ambedkarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. He has adopted many schools in his district. He says, we learned a lot from living in the West, eating pizza-burgers, and even wearing small clothes, but never got attention from those things that really need to follow, one of them There is also education system. Here big corporations and large corporate houses are openly open and grant or advertise to government schools, even in India this thing has to be encouraged.

Employable Education
At this time the education system is far from the reality. Only book-winning knowledge is being provided, which is not used in the job. Private colleges or institutes have been doing job oriented courses, but the students of villages and small towns do not know or trust about the courses they have to do. It should be decided only after 8th-10th in which direction students have to move. Deepak Jindal, director of Dream with DJ company also believes that education jobs are oriented. When they go to campus selection in any college, only see how much a candidate is a candidate and how much benefit the organization can get. Candidate's body language, her technical skills, and education are considered as Criteria of the selection.

Fear of Examination Required

Education is a two-way process. Teachers are playing their duty with full sincerity and dedication. These days students have become less interested in studies. One reason for this can be said to end the fear of board exam. Children's numbers are getting quite good after the quarter's papers of the 10th or twelfth board examination are easier than ever, but the quality of education has decreased.

Need for change

Increasing the aspirations of parents, private schools compete for admission of their children. This is because of the modern style of education being advertised from time to time so that students can keep up to date. On the contrary, there is a lack of basic things in government schools. Teachers come in 4-5 days a week and those who come, they do not come on time. This is the reason why no one wants to spoil their future by sending their children to government schools. 

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Saxena, the principal front of Sarvodaya Girls' School No. 1 of Jama Masjid of Delhi, believes that barely 2 percent of the parents are serious about their children's education and their progress. Teachers have to play the role of parents as well. Its good results also come Today, the children of government schools in Delhi are also bringing Marx till 90 percent and are doing graduation in subjects like Economics from Delhi University. 

In such a situation, the only need is to bring changes in people's attitudes. In the Balia district of UP, the principal of Indrasini Devi Junior Secondary Girls School, Shakuntala Singh, has to make many efforts to bring the children to the school. She says, despite all the awareness programs, it is the mentality of the people that what girls have to do more than read and write. People keep girls in the housework. People from other wealthy homes also send their children to read, because English is the dominant position of English students admission in school admission. Therefore, there is a need to improve the whole system.

Education in India

1. Of the 22 million school-age children, more than 18 crore colleges can not go to college.

2. 10 percent of graduates are eligible for good jobs.

3. 75 per cent of students do not have the money to deposit college fees.

4. Prior to Independence, there were 20 universities and 500 colleges. Today there are 545 universities and 45 thousand colleges.

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